ATMO Europe

Life C4R - Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project was presented at last ATMOsphere Europe, that took place from 19 to 21 November on LakeGarda.

Epta was Gold Sponsor of the 9th edition of the conference, which registered the highest attendance among those organised this year by Shecco. 

A prestigious setting to engage with over 500 leaders of the HVAC&R sector, share best-practices, generate networking opportunities and elaborate upon the last provisions and standards regarding natural refrigerants in Italy and Europe, thanks to the speeches by Representatives of the European Commission, of ECOS (European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standards) of ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) and Legambiente (Italian environmental association).

Among the focal points expected at ATMOsphere Europe, particular emphasis was given to solutions designed for hot climates. The speech by Francesco Mastrapasqua, Epta Refrigeration System Marketing Manager, envisaged for 21 November handledthis topic. His presentation on the theme “CO2 FTE Transcritical system: performance and market appreciation one year after its launch” was geared to illustrate the state of the art of this CO2 transcritical system. The result of a new approach to natural refrigeration, which merges simplicity, reliability, functionality, energy saving and better performancein any climatic condition, FTE is designed to guarantee Retailers a solution which is available on a large scale. In-depth analysis of the results and of the efficiency values recorded by the 200 installations worldwide, from South America, to Europe, to Australia, guarantee the excellence of the system.

As further confirmation of the innovative scope of the solution, FTE has become part of the Life C4R - Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration project. This initiative, financed by theEuropean Union, has the goal of defining new technologies and standards for natural refrigeration in the Retail sector and is contemplated in the European LIFE17 programme.