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LIFE C4R will demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of innovative technological solutions for the commercial refrigeration sector that are able to reduce the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and particularly HFCs.

EPTA and its project partners EPTA IBERIA and DAAS will put in place technical and marketing/dissemination activities related to refrigeration systems based on CO2 to achieve such goals.

The main targets of the project are :

  • To develop a technology that allows a minimum of 10% energy savings in commercial refrigerating plant in any country, with any external temperature
  • To prove the possibility to completely substitute HCFC and HFC with CO2 in any climate or market condition

The 2018-2020 action plan is:

  • Industrial development of C4R technologies based on tests and results performed by EPTA in the laboratory
  • 2 pilot prototypes installed and tested at end users’ premises in Italy
  • Replication prototypes (at least 4 in Romania, Spain, elsewhere) to validate performance under other climate conditions
  • Full Life Cycle Analysis according to the standards of LCCP to evaluate the project’s carbon footprint and environmental performances
  • Dissemination activity to specific international organisations (stakeholders, academia, policy makers and general public)

Watch the video and discover more about Life-C4R Project!

Technical Objectives:

  • High efficiency at all temperatures with no limits, not only at temperatures lower than 30°C
  • Improved efficiency, minimum of 10% energy savings in commercial refrigeration systems in any country, with any external temperature
  • Limited costs of equipment and controls, savings up to 30% compared to the current solution

Environment Objectives:

  • Reduce energy consumption of the refrigeration system by a minimum of 10%
  • Reduce refrigerant GWP to 1
  • Reduce carbon footprint over the entire value chain based on a LCCP approach
  • Reduce EU GHG emissions by at least 1.5%

Policy Objectives:

  • To create an industrial standard that supports policy makers to further push the use of energy efficient natural refrigeration systems
  • To perform several pilot projects in different EU Countries to stimulate the further uptake of this technology across Europe
  • To promote the conversion from the existing refrigeration solutions to new SIMPLE, GLOBAL and RELIABLE natural solutions for commercial retail

Milestones Timeline